Sullivan County's Greats - Reborn

The Eldred Preserve is a wholly unique hospitality offering in the Sullivan County Catskills that weaves together the best of three Sullivan County legacy brands - The Eldred Preserve, The Bradstan Country Hotel, and The Homestead Restaurant. The resort property includes an event space, luxury accommodations, and a classic steakhouse offering a unique farm-to-table experience. 

The Eldred Preserve

The Eldred Preserve, originally founded in 1967 by Robert H. Abplanalp, was once known as Sullivan County's premier fishing resort. The 3,000-acre property offered overnight accommodations and a host of outdoor activities, including hunting, world-class fishing, hiking, and target practice.

The Bradstan Country Hotel

The Bradstan Country Hotel, established by Scott Samuelson and Edward Dudek, has offered elegant accommodations on White Lake in the town of Bethel, for nearly 30 years. Mr. Samuelson and Mr. Dudek have committed to bringing the same level of excellence to The Eldred Preserve’s lodging options, which will adopt the Bradstan’s legacy as part of its own through The Bradstan Boutique Hotel at the Eldred Preserve.

The Homestead Restaurant

The Homestead, originally located in Monticello, N.Y., was purchased by Fred and Florence Edelman in 1953, and stayed in the family until it was forced to close as a result of a devastating fire in January 2015. Paul Edelman, and his wife, Alice, agreed to come out of retirement to help integrate The Homestead Restaurant legacy into The Eldred Preserve project through The Homestead Restaurant + Lounge at The Eldred Preserve.