What’s Old is New

Courtesy of Catskills Confidential: The Homestead Restaurant + Lounge’s roots go deep in Sullivan County. It has not only rebooted a classic Sullivan County brand to bring its touch to a new generation of visitors and locals, but it’s also creating many of its dishes using fresh produce grown in Sullivan County soil on its own farm.

Aptly named The Eldred Preserve Farm, the 5-acre farm is just a stone’s throw from Bethel Woods and grows exclusively for The Eldred Preserve, and its hospitality assets, including The Homestead, The Bradstan Boutique Hotel, and The Preserve Weddings + Events.

But leave it to The Homestead to expand the meaning of the oft-touted farm-to-table concept. Instead of simply using farm-fresh produce, The Homestead has taken it a step further by returning its food waste to the farm to eventually become compost. “Now we are a true farm-to-table-to-farm operation,” Eldred Preserve Chief Operating Officer Scott Samuelson explained.

“Not many places have the opportunity to do both,” Farm-To-Table Chef and Catering Chef John Botti.

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